Movement and Use of Cover – Defensive Pistol Two

Defensive Pistol 2 is a 4-hour intermediate course limited to 8 students and is geared to the student who wants to build on the skills developed in Defensive Pistol 1. After a brief review, the class will focus on Movement and Use of Cover with the Handgun. Skills taught will be:

  • Pivoting
  • Forward, Backward and Lateral Movement
  • Movement to Cover and Use of Cover
    Movement from Cover
  • Position Shooting
  • Shooting at distance
  • Increasing accuracy and speed

Prerequisite: – Defensive Pistol 1

Equipment Requirements:

  • Concealed carry firearm semi auto
  • Strong side holster
  • Magazine Pouch
  • At least 3 magazines for the handgun
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Billed cap

All graduates recieve a Certificate of Completion.

Course Pricing: $125.00