Defensive Rifle 2

Defensive Rifle 2 is an 8-hour course. The primary goal of this course is to develop the defensive carbine, handgun and personal skills necessary to not only survive but control a lethal encounter.

This course builds on the skills and theories presented in Basic Tactical Rifle course. Students will learn and practice the skills, and attitude essential to surviving a lethal threat or confrontation. Students will expand and further develop safe essential tactical rifle skills. You will learn the short and medium range applications which are encountered by Law Enforcement/Military personnel in an urban/rural environment. This course emphasizes: ammunition selection, ballistics, tactical loading, unloading and malfunctions, positions and aiming, expanded marksmanship fundamentals, cover and concealment.

Shooting on the move and “tactical reaction” will be practiced throughout the course. Handling the gun:

  • Marksmanship
  • Various firing positions and uses
  • Sling use and drawing
  • Long range engagement
  • Target assessment
  • Ammunition
  • Weapon Retention
  • Close Quarters Conflict
  • Transition Drills
  • Required Equipment:
  • Carbine with sling
  • Pistol and holster
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Billed baseball type cap
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • 300 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Two magazines for carbine
  • 100 Rounds of pistol ammunition

All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by Centerfire.

Pre-requisite: Defensive Rifle 1

Course Pricing: $195.00