Basic Rifle

Basic Rifle – This course offers a basic education in rifle shooting. The course begins with a review of firearm safety and range rules, then moves into rifle nomenclature, ammunition knowledge, firearm care and maintenance, and the fundamentals of rifle shooting. On the range, the instructor will combine the classroom drills with live-fire exercises developed to improve the students shooting. Each student will be evaluated for their understanding of grip, sight picture, trigger and breath control, and rifle shooting stances, but above all…SAFETY. Each student will be required to demonstrate the proper loading, unloading, and immediate action drills for their particular firearm. It is preferable that students bring with them to class an AR platform rifle. We have several of these rifles available for rental.

FIREARMS BROUGHT FOR USE DURING QUALIFICATION MUST BE UNLOADED (INCLUDING MAGAZINES) and CONTAINED WITHIN A CASE or BAG, with AMMO BOXES CLEARLY LABELED WITH THE STUDENTS NAME. When the student arrives they will check in at the registers and leave their ammo behind the front counter, all UNLOADED and HOLSTERED/CASED firearms are welcome in the classroom.***


All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by Centerfire.

The student is required to provide a rifle (preferably an AR platform), or rent one from Centerfire, and at least 50 rounds of ammunition. Eye and hearing protection will be provided.

All graduates receive a Certificate of Completion

Required equipment:

  • Serviceable box magazine fed semi auto rifle. Good quality Stoner designed systems (ar-15), Kalashnikovs, mini-14 Rugers, M1-As, are all acceptable.
  • 200 rounds of good quality ammunition.
  • A two point carry sling or any tactical sling variants that the shooter wishes to use.
  • At least 3 magazines for the rifle of at least 10 round capacity.
  • Billed cap
  • A carry method or pouch for at least one magazine.
  • Loose comfortable clothing that will allow kneeling and sitting on the floor.
  • Knee pads are recommended
  • Closed collared shirts are recommended
  • It is advised to have the least amount of geared bolted to the rifle. If optics are used they MUST be secure.

Course Pricing: $95.00