Basic Defensive Pistol Techniques – Defensive Pistol 1

Basic Defensive Pistol Techniques – Defensive Pistol 1 is an eight-hour high intensity course that involves the use of advanced handgun skills.

The primary goal of this course is to develop basic defensive pistol techniques and the tactical knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to surviving a lethal threat or confrontation. This course uses a combination of Dry Practice, Shooting Drills covering – singles, pairs, and failure/malfunctions, Cadence of Fire, and Weapon Retention drills will help instill the “Tactical Mindset” in the graduates.

Instruction is presented in 5 lessons:

  1. Safety and Range Etiquette Review
  2. Tactical Shooting Techniques
  3. Tactical Loading Considerations and Techniques
  4. Draw to the Ready Position
  5. Use of the Ready Position

The course is designed for SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistols ONLY and will include both classroom presentations and live fire range exercises.

Students must complete the Intro to Defensive Pistol Course or Centerfire-approved comparable training PRIOR to signing up for this class.

This is an 8-hour course limited to 8 students.

This is the first of six courses in our defensive pistol courses offerings.

Required equipment:

  • A serviceable SEMI-AUTOMATIC handgun for concealed carry, preferably 9mm or larger.
  • At least 3 spare magazines
  • Good quality holster for the handgun that will remain open after the firearm is drawn. Strong side hip holsters are advised, either inside the waistband or outside the waistband. No cross-draw or shoulder holsters, please.
  • Good quality belt that will support the holster.
  • Good quality magazine pouch
  • 300 rounds of quality ammunition for the handgun.
  • Billed cap
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Trousers ( pants for the ladies ) that have belt loops….for the belt
  • Long-sleeved shirts with snug collars are recommended
  • Concealment garment ( vest or jacket )
  • (5) dummy rounds of appropriate caliber to your chosen handgun. Please DO NOT get plastic ones they will not survive the class.

Course Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Yes – Intro to Defensive Pistol Course

Course Price: $195.00

Required Firearm: Semi-Automatic Pistol We Offer Firearm Rentals

Course Length: 8 Hours

Student Limit: 8 Students

Course Type: Centerfire Shooting Sports Indoor Firearm Training

Range Type: Indoor Shooting Range