Defensive Rifle 1

Defensive Rifle 1 -This is an 8 hour course limited to 8 students. The primary goal of this course is to develop the tactical knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to surviving a lethal threat or confrontation. Instruction is presented in 5 lessons: Safety and Range Etiquette Review; Tactical Shooting Techniques; Tactical Loading Considerations and Techniques; Draw to the Ready Position; and Use of the Ready Position.

The course will include both classroom presentations and live fire range exercises. A combination of Dry Practice, Shooting Drills covering – singles, pairs, and failure/malfunctions, Cadence of Fire, and Weapon Retention, will help instill the “Tactical Mindset” in the graduates.

All graduates receive a Certificate of Completion

Minimum Required Items:

Serviceable defensive rifle; AR or AK platform preferred. Please contact our instructors for approval for all other weapon systems.

  • One spare magazine
  • Snap caps (minimum 2)
  • Quality, adjustable sling, 1 or 2-point
  • Sight adjustment tool for individual iron sights or optic
  • 240 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Appropriate clothing; no shorts or open-toed footwear


  • Two spare magazines
  • Magazine holder
  • Long-sleeved shirt

Course Pricing: $195.00