Go big or go home! Whether you’re in the mood to show off or just release some steam, our Ultimate Full Auto Experience will hit all the right notes. Our Ultimate Full Auto Experience lets you try each firearm in our Full Auto arsenal and you’ll leave the range with a little buzz and your own Centerfire T-shirt. Plus our staff will provide instruction and assist you in reloading so the fun never stops. Experience rates are per person. Must have prior shooting experience to book.

$259.95 Ultimate Full Auto Experience Includes

  • One hour lane rental
  • Instruction and assistance from Centerfire staff member
  • Firearm rentals from our Full Auto collection:
    • (1) Full Auto M4A1, 1 magazine of 5.56 NATO
    • (1) Full Auto CZ Scorpion Rental, 2 magazines of 9mm ammo
    • (1) Full Auto GLOCK 19 Carbine Rental, 2 magazines of 9mm ammo
    • (1) Full Auto H&K MP5 Rental, 2 magazines of 9mm ammo
    • (1) Full Auto H&K 53 Rental, 1 magazine of .223 ammo
  • One Target
  • Ear and Eye Protection
  • One Centerfire T-Shirt


Firearm and lane rentals are subject to availability. Reservation for the Ultimate Full Auto Experience is required either online, email or by phone 913.782.4900. If using an international credit card, please call the store to book your reservation 913.782.4900.