Whether you’re interested in gaining a little more confidence or it’s your first time picking up a firearm, our Ladies Only Experience provides you with one on one instruction in a safe and friendly environment. You’ll learn basic safety and proper fundamentals before going out on the range and trying out a few of our starter firearms. The Basic Safety Orientation will be done in a small group setting (up to 4 people) and then you will go out on the range and practice your new skills without an instructor. Experience rates are per person. If you are looking for more one on one training, we recommend a private lesson with our certified instructor.

$99.95 Ladies Only Experience Includes:

  • Basic Safety Orientation with a Centerfire Staff Member
  • One hour lane rental
  • Three firearm rentals and ammo
    • (1).22LR Revolver, 2 cylinders of .22LR ammo
    • (1) .22LR Suppressed Pistol Rental: 2 magazines of .22LR ammo
    • (1) 9mm Pistol Rental, 2 magazines of 9mm ammo
  • One Target
  • Ear and Eye Protection

Firearm and lane rentals are subject to availability.