Hearing impaired individuals have the same rights to find the necessary tools to defend themselves and their family as a hearing person. Both the States of Kansas and Missouri have no additional restrictions for the hearing impaired with regard to receiving a concealed carry permit, but deaf individuals could face some special challenges.

One of the biggest concerns with carrying a concealed handgun is not hearing a law enforcement officer or that officer not understanding the hearing impaired person. A possible solution might be to have a pre-printed card that could be handed to an officer on a traffic stop. It could have the following information:

  1. I am deaf
  2. I am a conceal carry permit holder
  3. May I reach for a pen to answer your questions on where my firearm is as well as my driver’s license, insurance, registration and permit are?

If you are stopped you can 1) turn on your overhead light, 2) grab the card and hold it in your hands which will both be on the steering wheel and hand it slowly to the officer when he or she asks to see your license, insurance and registration. Or you could keep all four of those documents together with the 3 x 5 card.

Being deaf can be a huge disadvantage when it comes to potential danger. A deaf person may not be able to hear a burglar or assailant breaking into a home. Some alarm companies do provide strobe lights for the situation of a home invasion. Being alert and aware of your surroundings is an important part of personal safety, but if an individual cannot hear an approaching threat the danger is that much greater. On the flip side a hearing impaired person may not be able to give verbal warning commands for someone to get back or be able to scream for help. A hand held alarm might be an option when out in public.

Another issue with deafness is very few Concealed Carry Handgun Classes or Tactical Classes are compatible for the deaf. Tactical videos and self-defense videos rarely provide captioning or subtitles. Centerfire Shooting Sports was approached by a hearing impaired customer who wanted to take a concealed carry class. One had never been offered before, but thanks to her help our January 24th class will be signed for those individuals needing it.