Bachelor Party Experience

Guys, get your adrenaline pumping! Feel the power in your hand as you take aim, and let loose with a bit of friendly competition at our range.  A guy’s night out will never be the same.  The Bachelor Party Experience is priced PER PERSON.  Must have prior shooting experience to book.

$89.95 Bachelor Party Experience Includes

  • One hour lane rental
  • Instruction and assistance from Centerfire staff member
  • Firearm rentals::
    • (1) 9mm GLOCK Rental – 1 magazine of 9mm ammo per person
    • (1) 45 ACP H&K Rental – 1 magazine of 45 ACP ammo per person
    • (1) .223 AR-15 Rental – 1 magazine of .223 ammo per person
    • (1) CZ Scorpion Full Auto – 1 magazine of 9mm ammo per person
  • One Target
  • Ear and Eye Protection